Waste Walls

We take the guesswork out of diverting your dining waste with our multiple Waste Walls located across campus. The Waste Walls feature all of the packaging pieces you may encounter at our retail dining locations, with each piece of packaging hung under the appropriate waste stream. Our Waste Walls include the four primary waste streams: Organics, Paper Recycling, Plastic & Metal Recycling, and Landfill. They are also accompanied with a sink, making it easy to dispose of liquids and/or rinse reusable containers.

Waste Wall Locations:

green bin - feed me your food waste and i'll turn it into soil
blue bin do you know how to recycle
trash bag talking where do i go

Carleton Waste Wizard

If you’re throwing something away that isn’t featured on our Waste Walls, check out Carleton’s Waste Wizard! The Carleton Waste Wizard is a digital tool that offers an easy way to search for how to dispose of anything, including where to drop it off, or if it cannot go into a recycling container or landfill.

Trash Talk

Every Tuesday we talk trash on our Instagram Story. On our weekly waste education series known as Trash Talk, we share information about diverting waste on campus and answer all kinds of packaging-related questions. Be sure to follow Carleton Dining on Instagram to follow along with our Trash Talk series and stay up-to-date on the latest waste and sustainability news at Carleton.

trash talk title with walking blue, green and grey bins talking