Hi Carleton Community,

My name is Gabby, and I support the Carleton Dining team as a Sustainability Manager. My role helps facilitate a wide variety of initiatives that help make your campus dining experience more environmentally and socially sustainable.

Did you know roughly a quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions come from our food?! The opportunities within our food systems to combat climate change are vast, and Dining Services understands it has a responsibility to be an active participant in this work. We take a multi-faceted approach to reducing our operations’ environmental footprint, including everything from low-carbon menu development to strategic packaging selection to reduce waste. 

Dining Services’ sustainability work also extends into the Carleton community through the support of Ottawa-based producers. We believe investing in the social fabric of our neighborhoods by sourcing ingredients from local farmers and artisans is an important part of sustainable food systems. Our chefs are always looking for ways to incorporate local suppliers into our menus, especially from those who use innovative and resourceful practices.

We can’t do this work alone. Creating a sustainable food system at Carleton requires input and collaboration from a wide variety of stakeholders, including students. If you have any questions about Dining Services’ sustainability work, or ideas about how to take our work to the next level, please do not hesitate to reach out!



Sustainability Manager

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