Real Food. Real Choice.

At Carleton Dining Services, we strive to continuously elevate the campus dining experience through our vision of Real Food, Real Choice. We are passionate about making every dining experience fresh, flavourful, and full of local influence.

Our team of trained chefs develop locally-connected, culinary-driven menu options so you can explore the tastes of Ottawa on campus. We strive to create a unique community where students and customers feel welcome. Our goal is to foster deep, long-lasting relationships with students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Join us for a meal, and look forward to something delicious.

Real Food, Real Choice is built on six key pillars:

  • Culinary Driven
  • Service Excellence
  • Innovation First
  • Locally Connected
  • Wellness and Sustainability Leadership
  • Tell the Story

Culinary Driven means always looking for the finest culinary talent, the best ingredients, and exceptional ways to prepare and serve food. Having the right employees who are empowered and put the customer first are key attributes of Service Excellence. We put Innovation First by creating an environment where innovation and the right ideas generate positive outcomes. We stay Locally Connected not only to our Carleton community, but also to the local Ottawa community by forming meaningful relationships and sourcing locally whenever possible. We strive to be Leaders in Sustainability and Wellness by having a dedicated Sustainability Manager and Registered Dietitian on our team who are always looking for ways to responsibly make the campus a better and healthier place. Lastly, we continuously Tell the Story of our food, our experience, and the journey of Real Food, Real Choice.

We hope you enjoy your dining experience on campus!

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