Fighting Food Waste

Did you know food loss and waste is responsible for approximately 6-8% of global greenhouse gas emissions? Addressing our world’s food waste problem requires fighting waste and inefficiency along every step of our food journey. That is why Carleton Dining equips our staff with the tools and knowledge necessary to stop food waste before it even starts.  Every time a recipe is served, our staff assess how much of the dish is consumed. The amount leftover from the recipe is input into our food management system, which provides our purchasing team with an updated serving size when the recipe cycles through our menu again. This new serving size takes into account anticipated consumption based off of previous leftovers and prevents food waste through overproduction.

In addition to predictive recipe planning, our kitchens are equipped with a food waste tracking program known as Leanpath. Leanpath utilizes a scale and camera to provide real-time information about the waste we are producing. Based on recent Leanpath data, our team identifies the largest opportunities for waste prevention and creates waste prevention goals for those specific food items.

Despite our best efforts, surplus food does sometimes take place in our operations. Instead of composting this food, we connect with organizations on and off campus to ensure these meals are enjoyed! Carleton Dining utilizes Food Rescue, an online platform developed by Second Harvest, to connect us with local social service organizations that help address food insecurity through the provision of meals.

In 1 year the caf recycled 37,500KG of cardboard, saving...

Metric Tonnes of Landfill Space
Gallons of Water
Gallons of Oil

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